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  1. I would like to hear about how many kids are left open to abuse because of worthless law gaurdians?My son has told his law gaurdian for years he does not want to go with his father,as well as the judge ,counslers and other people that have power to intervene yet wont.My son is just now going to be 9 and because there are no physical marks noone listens..does anyone really wonder why kids are so angry?Look at the conditions that are determined to be appropriate to live in by government.I wouldnt let a dog live the way most kids do now.It seems no matter where you turn theyre hands are tied..story of my sons 8 yrs

    • admin says:

      Every child deserves the right to have a voice. Every child deserves the right to be listened to especially when it comes to situations that will affect them. No child should should be left open to the possibilty of abuse and violence. Children are our future and everything that a parent or guardian does shapes them and affects them for the rest or their lives. By inspiring them with hope and good moral values and educating them with wisdom we allow them to grow. By not listening to them and exposing them to issues such as abuse and violence we damage them as like i have said everything we do good and bad shapes a child for the rest of their life. People that have the power to intervene should take the time to listen to a child and look into every situation regardless of how big or small to ensure that the child is in the right place and not exposed to the issues of violence and abuse whether physical or mental. i do agree that the conditions that are deemed to be appropriate by the goverment do need to be looked into and an overhaul needs to take place and so that chrildren have a voice.

  2. Linda S Ritlinger, alias Klacey J. Smith (pen name) says:

    See the horrors that have been done to my son and me by Wake County, NC judicial system and Child Protective Services. It seems they can do anything and no one holds them accountable, not even for felony crimes.

    • admin says:

      People need to take responsibility for there actions and those that are in power need to be held accountable when they deal with peoples lives, They are like puppet masters and have roral control, its a question that we have raised recently in regards to who police’s those that are in power and in positions of big responsibility? we would like to hear more of your story if you would be willing to share?

  3. Tahira Rodriguez says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting our website and signing our guestbook. We are very happy to see others come together to help stop bullying. God bless you all and continue this awesome walk together. My dad creates World wide Internet Radio stations and Internet TV stations and he hosts them on his server. If you or anyone is interested on starting their very own station, that would be awesome. There could be some kind of talk show with guest joining it and talking about different topics such as “Help stop bullying” Here is our contact number 315-30-THABN. Again thanks for your awesome support!

    • admin says:

      Thankyou for visiting our site and sharing your views and opinions with us. The only way we will make change is by making a united front in the hope to stamp out issues such as bullying. No one deserves to be bullied, No one deserves to live in fear,. We would like to think that maybe we could sahre information and work together to get the word out there and help in the fight against bullying and all the issues that plague our lives.

      • Tahira Rodriguez says:

        Awesome, Fell free to get in contact with us anytime. We are always looking to help spread the word against bullying via the Internet (Internet radio & Internet TV)

        • admin says:

          Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the fight against bullying and the other issues that plague our everyday lives. we have just posted a new article which can be found @ and would like to know what you think

          • Tahira Rodriguez says:

            Awesome article, yes we really need to get this moving World wide. I am planning to launch my world wide Internet Radio broadcast station in Sep. 2012, let’s try to get some live guests to call in and let’s talk about all that there is to talk about when it comes to bulling and how we can come together to stop it. We would love to give you your own time on the air also to have guests or simply to inform the entire World just how serious this has become. Thanks.

          • admin says:

            Thank you for taking the time to read the post. Like the article says the world is forever changing and so are the problems that we face. By standing together and speaking out for the things that we believe in. we hope to make change for a better tomorrow. As one we can achieve little but together we can achieve greatness. By standing iunited we hope to rid ourselves of the issues that plague us such as bullying, injustice, corruption, discrimination, abuse, racism and domestic violence. Keep us informed of your launch and hopefully we could do something together especially on the war we are forever fighting against bullying.

  4. Jan Andersen says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for signing my guestbook.

    Your story is heartbreaking, but thank goodness you have had the courage to tell it. Your experiences are sadly not the first that I have heard about involving organisations that are supposed to protect the victim. It appears that the bullies are given special treatment whilst the victim is tortured further. I can’t count the number of times I heard the following line spouted at my children’s school in defence of a bully: “You have to understand that he/she a behavioural disorder” as though this somehow excused the perpetrator’s actions.

    Sadly, my eldest son took his own life in 2002. The victims and the families who lose a child to suicide (often as the result of bullying) are left with a life sentence.

    I hope that your story will bring greater awareness of this growing problem.

    Blessings to you.

  5. Rosaura Torres says:

    Thank you for all you do.

    Warmly and with much respect,

    Rosaura Torres

  6. William Collier says:

    We thank every organization that is combating bullies. Great web site. Please contact me at 713 478 3049 if there is any way we can help other organizations. Thanks for helping save lives. Bud Collier Director,

  7. Eddie Wynn says:

    Thanks for the post to my site. Seeing it bought me to your site. I really like what you are doing here. I am a fan.

  8. David P. Greenberg (BitcoDavid) says:

    Wonderful site. Love the layout.

  9. Dianne Martin says:


    I wanted to drop in to support the work you – and I – do in highlighting the issues about bullying. I have written two articles about children who bully their stepsiblings, and adults in the extended stepfamily network that bully stepmoms. Bullying in stepfamilies can and have resulted extremely painful conflicts and family fights.

    • admin says:

      We would be very interested in reading and possibly posting your articles regarding bullying. We are always more then happy to help those who are fighting for a shared goal in the hope to make a better tomorrow for all

  10. CCCC.STH Admin says:

    Hi David, thanks for visiting my website. I am glad to see when someone tries to combat bullying.
    Sometimes it shocks me how it is not only teens or young adults that participate in bullying. Some people never grow out of this. Some adults need to really watch their own actions.
    I had a group crying abuse and corruption in our local counties and they themselves have participants that are nothing but a bunch of bullies.

    Thanks Again!

  11. The Tek At Large says:

    Being bullied as a young man I decided when I was an adult to do everything I could in my sphere of influence to prevent child Abuse! As a Biker for almost 50 years I encourage everyone I come across to watch for child abuse and do everything in their power to put a stop to Child Abuse. So if you see child abuse just call a Biker were there 24-7

  12. Rick Bertrand says:

    Hi David.I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing.This is an amazing site!I hope you keep up with it!

  13. Val says:

    Thank you so much for your support and the hard work you’ve put into helping to stop bullying. This is a very informative website.

  14. Paul Bonia says:

    Thank you so much for your support and the hard work you’ve put into site. This is an amazing site. I really like what you are doing here and the information is very helpful to so many who need it. Awesome articles for people willing to help themselves learn <3<3

  15. David Marsh says:

    Thank you for your kind comments Paul,

  16. We R All 1 says:

    Please watch this; and share and buy the DVD.

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