links is willing to support anyone that is working towards the same goal that we are. By standing together and beenunited in one voice we hope to rid the world of the issues that plague our everyday lives such as bullying, discimination, abuse, injustice as well as other serious matters that shape the world that we live in.

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We are very pleased indeed to be adding Freedom Talk Radio to our list of links. We are not just adding them as a link but planning on working in association with as a united front, a global fight against all he wrong and unjust that exists in the world that we live in. We hope that by working together and helping explore each others ideas, we can be more proactive in making change. Check them out @ or click the picture below ( Justice for Pam) – Standing Against Bullying

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  1. Mixhael Wheeler says:

    Visit the blog!
    Workplace Bullying has effected us all. It is the core reason to the dissolution of the economy, productive growth as a nation in all areas and family values. Those who believe that workplace bullying tactics are the way to go (or are manipulated into believing that they or the bigger bullies they serve isn’t the real problem), are destructive and should be held accountable for their immoral, unethical and should be illegal behaviors. This Facebook group ( and it’s blog is moderated by Michael Wheeler.

  2. William Collier says:

    Great web site. We are working with numerous groups in TX to rid the schools of bullies and the bully climate. I would appreciate if you would add to you lists of organizations. Thanks for what you do and please contact me if we can help you in any way. We have a lifetime of work ahead and it is going to take all of us to save every last child and family. Again Thanks Bud Collier, Director

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much. wants to bring awareness to the issues that plague our everyday lives. I believe that by standing united and speaking out we can make change. Like i always say alone we can achieve little but together we can achieve greatness.Its great to connect with other indivuals and groups that share the same beliefs and are striving for the same dreams and hopes. i have added your link to our links page. We are always on the look out for news and stories regarding the issues the site deals with, so if you would like us to post anything please feel free to contact me and i will see what i can do to help.

  3. alex christianopoulos says:

    go to my website and view police abuse

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