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This is a true story about a conspiracy stemming 42 years up to the present day,from Scunthorpe,North Lincolnshire,United Kingdom.Here are some of the organizations involved,North Lincolnshire social services,Scunthorpe Evening telegraph North Lincolnshire,North Lincolnshire police,North Lindsey College Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire,Linc’s F.M radio,Grimsby crown court North Lincolnshire,Lincoln crown court North Lincolnshire,Scunthorpe magistrates North Lincolnshire,North Lincolnshire Council,Brigg Police North Lincolnshire,Brigg Town Council North Lincolnshire,solicitors,doctors,Scunthorpe dhss.

As a baby I was kicked from my pushchair resulting in me laying in a pool of my own blood.The parents of the child who kicked me from my pushchair attacked my father,the Police came and beat my father up,and arrested my father,whilst I was rushed to hospital with my head injuries caused from being kicked from my pushchair.I lost consciousness in the hospital.After being released from the hospital,and laying in my pushchair,the same child smashed me in the head with a house brick.I was rushed to hospital once again.After being released I started to get massive pains in my ears,and two lumps appeared on my forehead,earning me the nickname “elephant man” by other children.

The pain in my ears was so excruciating,and I started to bang my head on walls,and was screaming with the pain in my ears. Eventually my mum took me to the doctor who diagnosed me with ear infection,and he asked my mum if he could put me in a special school for disturbed children,the doctor was later struck off for selling sick-notes to offenders on community service.Eventually there was a family breakdown which resulted in my brothers and sisters being put in care.Whilst I was left with by now alcoholic father.The house had no electric,no food,and no heating.I had no clothes apart from a pair of shorts.And the house had no windows.By now my father had started sending me out at night in just shorts in the snow looking for cigarette ends for him.As there was snow on the floor my feet stuck to the floor pulling my skin from my feet,and because there was no food in the house,I use to pick up sweets what other children had dropped.

After nearly losing my life to starvation,and exposure I was put in care on my own,away from my brothers and sisters.Whilst in care I was bouncing on the bed,when another child came into the room and pushed me off the bed. Whilst layed on the floor crying and clutching my shoulder one of the workers came into the room,and screaming at me to get up,she grabbed me by the arm attached to my painful shoulder and pulled me up dangling in mid air.She then placed me on my feet and examined my shoulder,and said my collar bone was broken,it was confirmed at the hospital my collar bone was broken in three places.

Eventually I was released back to my by now divorced mother,and brothers and sisters,and because of the mental damage caused by the social services,I started to assault my brothers and sisters.Eventually reaching my teenage years me and black friend was walking down Scunthorpe high street,and for no reason a Police van pulled up.And the Police jumped out of their van and two grabbed me and chucked me in the back of the van with at least five police officers.And holding me to the floor by my extremities.A female officer grabbed my hair and started to smash my head on the floor of the van all the way to the Police station.Then I was taken to the charge room where the same policewoman started to smash my face into the charge desk,whilst other people in the charge room started shouting “You will kill him”,eventually I was charged with breach of the peace,and fined £10.00.

Eventually I reached the age of sixteen,and decided to go out with some friends,which resulted in us being attacked because we was dressed different.We started to run for our lives being chased by four men brandishing bottles.Eventually after being chased for nearly a mile I ran out of breath,one of the men caught up to me brandishing a bottle and pinned me up against a window,and through fear I used a weapon.The next day I was arrested and charged with a section 18 malicious wounding,even though it was an act of self defense.I was remanded in custody.I had a three day trial at Lincoln Crown court,the whole court case stunk of corruption from start to finish.I was found guilty of section 18 malicious wounding.Whilst serving this sentence I found out the courts had awarded damages to my attacker to the sum of £40,000(Also note under English law if you are in the act of crime you are not entitled to compensation),whilst in prison I was involved in riots over human rights abuse.I was sectioned and attacked by prison officers who beat me up in a strip cell,this happened in two prisons.

After being released at nearly the age of twenty I found that the Scunthorpe evening telegraph newspaper,North Linc’s radio,Calender news had released my age at sixteen,along with my name,and had completely corrupted the facts.

Eventually I met a girl,and we had a child.My daughter started primary school,and was being assaulted by another girl.We complained to the school who informed us there was nothing they could do.Also I was attending college and doing psychology,the lecturer became hostile towards me for no reason.I did ask what the problem was.Anyway on another lesson I,d had my haircut as I walked in the classroom some of the students started to make jokes.When all of a sudden the lecturer siad”Who yes he,s had a wash”,and took one step forward causing “vasoconstriction”.I reported the fact that one of their lecturers had tried to murder me to the college,who in turn covered it all up.

By now my daughter was still being attacked at school,which led to her being mugged.But this time the girl attacking my daughter told my daughter that her mum and dad was going to beat us up.With this we went to the Police,who said they was not getting involved but would log it.By now we had new neighbours,and every night loud music was being played disturbing everyone on the street.We phoned Brigg council who informed us they was not getting involved.We then phoned the Police who advised my girlfriend to go round to the neighbours,and on this advice she did.She was met by the drunken neighbours and was verbally abused.After she came into the house,the drunken neighbours came round and started to kick the door in.Through fear I went to the window and found two well built men and Alsatian dog and woman running towards me.One of the men grabbed me,and started to punch me shouting we,ve heard about you from your previous neighbour who was related to the girl attacking my daughter at school.Eventually through fear for my life and family I defended myself which resulted in him getting a punctured lung.We rang the Police who informed us they was not coming,eventually they came and I was arrested and charged with a section 18 malicious wounding,immediately the Scunthorpe evening Telegraph wrote a pack of lies,and deliberately printed our new address,putting us at risk of further attacks.Because of all this I had a mental breakdown resulting in me being taken in ward 18 mental institute,they told lies to my family,and set up bogus court cases and threatened to murder me,even after being on hunger strike for 40 days.Eventually I got to Grimsby Crown court,and the whole case stunk of corruption.

Also I have been told I will get a life sentence.I have only used violence to defend my life,and my mental damage caused by the social services,yours a victim of Human rights abuse stemming 42 years up to the present day,David Marsh.

Below is the newspaper article that the Scunthorpe Evening telegraph (As it was called then) distributed in its paper published originally on Monday 18th Jan 1999.

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Neighbour's bloody dispute - Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

Neighbour’s bloody dispute

Also during 1999 i had written to Humberside Police Regarding neighbour-hood policing in general from childhood to the present day also outlining my dissatisfaction with my experience with the Criminal Justice System. below is the reply that i received.

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Humberside Police reply -part 1

Humberside Police reply -part 1

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Humberside Police reply - part 2

Humberside Police reply – part 2

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5 Responses to My Story

  1. Susan Balmanno says:

    I would like to tell my story, it is one of false malicious accusations by a colleague which has resulted in me being dismissed from my job with the Metropolitan Police at the Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament. My story is a classic example of the corruption of the Metropolitan Police, their desperate cruelness against an employee who spoke out using the correct chanels available within the service against them. My story is one of reporting racism, verbal and physical bullying by staff and management.

    • admin says:

      We would like very much for you to share your story with us Susan. So many people dont realise what is happening in the world around them, By speaking out we can shine light on all the wrong doings and like we always say hopefully make change for a better tomorrow.

  2. Kathy Atkins says:

    My search for Justice started 4 years before Joshua’s death when he was 6 after being called to his school by a women from child protective services, the day he was found with bruises all down the side of his body from being kicked down the back step into the trashcans by his father Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy KW Klaver. From this day forth we entered into a world run by the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department and the Family Courts, both of which were more concerned about finding a way to deal with the abuse without damaging his father’s career as a Sheriff Deputy, by this I mean they did nothing to help Joshua, year after year they turned a blind eye from Joshua’s pain until his death at the age of 10, Joshua died by Hanging in a barn used for Slaughtering Cattle on his Father’s property the night before Joshua was to meet with a Family Court Judge about the abuse he was forced to live with for the 1st time in the 4 years we spent in the Court System. When Joshua died the Family Court had a meeting and wondered what they could have done differently that would helped to keep Joshua’s death from happening, The Sheriff Department’s way of dealing with his death was to have Sgt Jerry Egge rudely refuse me any kind of a investigation as he made statements to the media calling me a volatile type parent fighting over Joshua in child custody case, all this from the Sheriff Department who knew that their co-worker, Sheriff Deputy KW Klaver was Joshua’s Abuser…22 month after Joshua’s Death Sheriff Gillingham and Under Sheriff Laurie Smith sent Crime Scene and Homicide Deputies out to the barn where Joshua died for the 1st time and turned the information they collected from Joshua’s father,his abuser about what happened the night Joshua died over to the Child Death Review Board .

  3. Yvonne Shamsan says:

    Welcome to my facebook group Children Be Safe and my facebook The targetting can come from the very sophisticated Nazi-military forces, who may put you in a prolong emotional trauma as the targeted individual, as an artist , and traumatize you for years when you work with music, arts , because these are their, sons of the hell, techniques. Get educated kids, welcome to CHILDREN BE SAFE.

  4. Jeanie says:

    Mr. Thumb,
    I’m so very sorry that you, your girlfriend, and daughter had such horrible things happen to you. I can’t even begin to imagine how anyone can be such an awful human being. It is Even more saddening that the people we have been conditioned to believe are good and will help us are even worse.

    I am glad you shared your link with me. It is wonderful to know that there are people who truly care. This world has made it hard for people to defend themselves and those who try either give up or are punished. God bless you and your family.

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