News : Corruption / Conspiracies

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  1. Karen Dawe says:

    I have been invaded with a voice commander, my ex was involved with small time skimming, not much and used his companies against the law. I am not sure of the rest of the problem but I am now suing skimming and laws used against women and children in the street as single parents or of grandmothers, head of household. The original criminal is a journalist that thought he had a real stereotype he could batter, and abuse until I caught him using public record against the law. He works at CBC and is about to retire and I plan to have him jailed for his criminal acts. I will keep working on it due to the importance of the evil things he did do.

    It has gone to far the voice commander, journalist and social worker and hedge fund judges.
    I have not one interest in allowing any of the perps to go free.

    I am suing unlawful confinement and social workers stealing to put drugs up their noses.


    Karen J. Dawe

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