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We are very interested to hear your stories about what is happening in your lives. is site that is dedicated to raise discussion about corruption, abuse, bullying, discrimination and injustice as well as other serious matters that affect the way we live and shape world that we live in.

Originally started with my story. The events that have affected me through my life from early childhood to the present day stemming the past 42 years. What i believe to be an injustice that has been riddled with corruption and has led to problems that plague my everyday life. was created so that others could see the injustice that i have faced in the hope that those that accountable are willing to hold their hands up and admit they are wrong and an injustice was born due to corruption.

I knew there were others in the world that had also faced similar experiences not just to my own but also due to other issues such as bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination. So i decided that as well as sharing my own story for the world to see, i also wanted to use as a platform for everyone. An open forum where people can share their own experiences and stories about the things that have affected them, a place where all who wish to speak have a voice and will be listened to and so that a light can be shone on those commiting wrong doings and justice can be served in every way, shape and form.

We are looking at trying to help those that have been or are currently been affected by any of the issues that are raised on We aim to help in any way that we can by publishing your stories on here and through our social network pages giving you the exposure that you need or require. By sharing our experiences and standing together, we can be a united voice against those that commit wrong doings. In the hope that we can rid our lives from the issues that plague us such as injustice, corruption, bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination.

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Your Stories

Susan’s Story

I have often thought about sharing my story, but something usually stops me. I grew up in Ohio, one of four children. Mom divorced when I was very young, about two. She remarried pretty quickly. He was a cpa and became extremely abusive quickly. With us all in every way. It was something I learned to hide from, I was so embarrassed. He became a cop, and the abuse got worse. After eleven years mom finally broke away.  I got pregnant and married at a very early  age. I had two babies close together, but i didn’t stay married. My husband only wanted to party, and not take care of babies. So we divorced. I had a boyfriend after that, that started out fine. Then began to beat me unmercifully. Caused me and my children a lot of grief. Then God blessed me with my husband that I have now, going on twenty eight years we have been married. We love and respect each other! I do have some problems at work. Dealing with discrimination and bullying. But even though the management leaves you feeling stressed and depressed the customers leave you feeling loved and blessed!


Amy Meek’s Story

My name is Amy and I wanted to share my experience with domestic violence. I was very severly abused by my ex and he was later found to have been sexually assaulting his children from a previous relationship. We have two children together, however, it was never clear if had sexually abused them. In any event, he is currently incarcerated at Clinton Correctional facility in ny. A couple of months ago he petitioned for contact with my children who are now 9 and 6 years old. Being that he is in prison for molesting his own children and has a restraining order to stay away from my own children, I thought I had nothing to worry about. Well, I was wrong. The judge granted phone contact; which was supported by the law guardian, and I am devastated. He will soon be released and I fear for the safety of myself and my children. I have struggled alot since the abuse and have been diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. I require medication to even function or interact with other people. I have found some peace as I have earned my nursing degree and now work with others who have been abused. So, I think recovery does occur to a certain extent, but it never truly goes away. I would appreciate if you would please share my website, it is to raise funds to move away before he is released. If nothing else, it will get the realities of domestic violence out there. Thank you!!!! Please feel free to email me with any questions. For verification purposes, so you know this is not a scam or spam, my ex’s name is Michael T. Murphy, DOB: 8/9/75 you can look him up on the Clinton Correctional facilities website. Here is the link to my site:


Justice for Austin


Justice for Roethel in Chevron Oil Cleanup


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10 Responses to Share Your Stories

  1. Justice For Vylette says:

    i lost my perfect child from an absolutely perfect pregnancy due to the extreme negligence of my midwives at The Brooklyn Birthing Center, in Brooklyn New York, last thanksgiving weekend November 28,2011. three women delayed me for hours and convinced me that i was “ok” and not in enough pain to come in. this is my first child and i counted on them to guide me through a perfect birth. i chose them because i wanted natural birth and i was healthy enough to have one. so many mistakes were made. they made me question myself and tried to tell me all my feelings were WRONG. my daughter Vylette Moon, suffocated inside of my body and ended up with zero brain activity. she was hooked up to a room of machines all to herself and had two nurses watching her at all times. we were forced to decide when to turn her machines off because they were all that were holding her here. if she breathed on her own at any moment we would be forced to keep her that way as our own personal vegetable. we set her free on December 03, 2011. i chose to have the most beautiful natural birth i could find in NYC and ended up with an absolute horrific nightmare. she would be 9 months old, alive and well by the end of this month.

    please visit my page to read the full story (there are even worse details of their negligence) and view pictures of her and what they did. please LIKE & SHARE . help me raise awareness so something like this never happens AGAIN

  2. Jami Frye says:

    Student Unite Against Bullying
    A little info. on how we started Student Unite Against Bullying. My daughter Oksana Swen now 15 has been bullied from 7th grade to 10th grade. The first time that it happen she was in the 7th grade. It got so bad she ended up hurting herself. They were calling her names and putting stuff on myspace about her saying that she is a tramp. They threatened to put a bag over her head and strangle her to death.We went to the school about it. They wouldn’t do anything about it. I had to take her out of that school and put her in another one. We also went to the police and filed charges against the one that threatened her with a paper bag. Towards the end of her 8th grade year a group of girls starting bullying her. I had went to the school and they wouldn’t do anything about it. The beginning of her 9th grade year the same group of girls started bullying her again. We went to the school about it. It got to where one of the Security guards at the start Bullying her to. During the time I was fighting with school trying to get them to do something about it that when my daughter and I started Student Unite Against Bullying and we started this you need to watch
    I ended up having to pull out of that school at putting her in another high school. We have also done this My daughter and did some research and we found out that there is no Bullying Support Groups at the schools here in Bakersfield,Ca. We are trying get a support group started in the high school that she is going to now. As for me Jami I was Bullied all through my school years. I was made fun of, rumors made up of me, was beat on, would get chased from bus stop to my house, no one wanted to be friends with me, never had a boyfriend, and was never asked to dances or proms. It still affects me to this day. My self esteem is low. If I’m around big crowd if someone looks at me I start thinking there something wrong with me like maybe its the clothes I’m wearing or maybe my makeup is to dark or not done right or something else. It’s not fair to have to go through life like this. I don’t wish this one anyone. With what my daughter Oksana and I have went through we want to help stop the Bullying. Please watch the videos that I put in here and check out Student Unite Against Bullying on Facebook.

    Thank You

  3. Kerry Kistemaker says:

    Please share my story

  4. Rosaura Torres says:

    Thank you for this opportunity, to share my story of survival with you. My history goes as far back as a child of fifteen. I had great parents my mother was the disciplinary in our home. Mami would make sure that all of us would attend school. I come from a modest and poor background, growing up back in the sixties was normal to me to sleep on the floors. As a child I would remember my mother preparing pigeon soup for a neighbor because this is all we had, I always thought as a child all people were like us (Poor).

    Growing up through the gang war times of Philadelphia, from the riot of 1972 in Camden, New Jersey and then my brother Albert John Torres was murdered in 1980. I remember so much sadness in pain with all my family during that time.
    I met my ex-husband in 1983 always saying that he was my knight in shining armor. Never knowing that his family had a history of Abuse/Domestic Violence, Keith father left when he was only five years old, his mother shared with me that his father was also abusive. I guess to her it was normal when she shared her story of him breaking her arm. I was not accustomed to men hurting me; my father who raised 7 children never raised a hand to any of us.

    Throughout the years of my marriage to a Philadelphia Police Officer was not my dream come to or as I would say my Cinderella story. The emotional abuse began by his Mother, Grandmother and Sister. I was told by his grandmother that, Puerto Ricans were the low lives of all low lives. Then Terri his sister moved in. I always thought as his wife I would have some say so when it involved our home but I was wrong, after an argument with Terri which led to a physical altercation, the man of my dreams felt that the ghetto in me was coming out and this is when the physical abuse started.

    Sadly through the years the abuse continued and I went further into that deep horrible black hole. Many knew of the abuse, many protected him because he was the Police and I felt lost. I became suicidal; feeling my life of abuse will never stop. In March of 1999, Keith caused me to have my first Retinal Detachment Surgery a month later he was gone. Was I grateful, yes? All I wanted was to heal my children who witness the abuse. Each time I tried to advance in my education I had to drop out or if I was advancing in my career, I had to quit because Keith needed me to be home. His moving up in rank was important and I as his wife had to support him. Keith felt it would benefit us. No, it did not benefit us.
    One thing I can share with and your readers is that I survived; I decided to write my story, just in case, for some horrible reason, I did not survive.
    I am honored and humble to say that my raw and real story is an award winning book. As an Activist, I now speak to all women and men of all races, religion, poor, rich, middle class, Democrat, Republican. Domestic Violence affects all people.

    Thank you,

    Author Rosaura Torres

  5. Lee says:

    A few concerns.(1) the hiring of criminal cops seems to be a common practice.( cops that have been previously arrested. We all know that these corrupt arrogant individuals always repeat their previous crimes ( repeat offenders ). (2) running a private security business out of the police department. According to the state of Washington’s Grand Jury, running a private security out of any policing agency is considered RACKETEERING ( RACKETEERING criteria is hierarchy, intimidation and fraud).Using city telephones, buildings and equipment is also a crime…(3) ( CITIZEN’S REVIEW BOARD ) We need a citizen’s review board. This citizen’s review board has the power to investigate, fire, and arrest criminal cops . This board has nothing to do and is not influenced by any policing agencies including the Chief of police.(4) Police policing each other. We all know too well how this one goes down! Police policing each other leads to sealed corruption…period.(5) When a citizen makes a complaint against a police officer or a policing agency there should be a reference number on the complaint form with the agencies phone number, officer that handed the form and the address of the handling policing department. There should never be any harassment or prodding of any kind to block the citizen from making a complaint. In fact it should be a felony to block a citizen or anyone from making a complaint of any kind.The person making a complaint should not be heckled or asked to give any information off the complaint form and this should be done in front of cameras accessible to the public.The citizen should not be asked for his id , phone number , car license or home address. Once again, any kind of harassment from the watch commander or other policing agency should be a felony …..Unless these very serious items are addressed, nothing will change . Please pass this on.

  6. Cynthia Wilson says:

    My name is Cynthia and my 19 year old niece was shot 6 times and murdered by her boyfriend in a local Taco Bell in 2008. I wrote the live stage production of Battered but not Broken to help other women, men and children affected by domestic violence. After I finished writing it, I contacted the local YWCA and the Coalition against Domestic Violence. They seemed to be very interested in helping us get the word out and support our efforts to make a difference in the current statistics, until I mentioned that I wanted to build a shelter Rising Angels, House of Purpose, to house women and children going through domestic violence. I was told that I was forbidden to open such a shelter and if I was adamant about doing so, I would not receive any help from the City or Government. I believe it was at that moment that the conspiracy began to ensure that Battered but not Broken would not go on. The Coalition agreed to be a pass through for government funding for the production, for which they received the money and did not give it to us. To date we have raised money to do the production and have paid the debt off all but $5600.00, ourselves. I refuse to be controlled by government and stop doing what I know is necessary to help countless of people suffering from domestic violence. This production is phenomenal and we will NOT QUIT, EVER. Please visit our website at Thank you for your support.

  7. Sheryl Tate says:

    My name is Sheryl, after many years of my life spent being abused, an addict, homeless, and most painful the loss of my baby sister in 2007. Since she passed away i have been determined to reach out to others sharing the life i have lived and the horrific things i have encountered with people who are involved in a violent relationship, to help women, in particular. Sharing options with them, encouraging them, uplifting them, and most importantly sharing love with them. Due to the abuse in my life as a very young child that began around 7 or 8 yrs of age, and continued through my teens and due to the time these things occurred in the late 60’s and early 70’s there were not really any resources available for children and young teens to go to. By 15yrs of age I was hooked on drugs of any kind, ran away from home, lived on the streets and was forced into a life i could have never imagined. For 38 years of the 50 years i have been on this earth i was an addict. Running away from the pain only to become enveloped and devoured in that world. The loss of my sister changed the world i knew, no longer could i depend on her to fix my problems, take care of my children, and take care of me. I was left empty confused and wanted to die, but kept waking up. I was utterly alone so i found God. She had such faith in God and after about 2 yrs from her passing i finally decided i could no longer live as i was used to living. I made a deal with God that if he would fix me take away the addiction, the pain and the anger i had been carrying for all these years i would do anything he said and go any where he told me to go. From that moment on not only has God taken away the addiction, but he has healed me on the inside, but this was not an instant healing it was painfully amazing. I had to face all that pain i had run from for so long and God had to show and teach me so much and i am still learning. But this i know that from this day forward i will forever share my life story as horrific as it actually is, the scars of my past remain in my heart and will forever be. However, the amazing grace God has given me is allowing me to share my story with people that are suffering weather it is addiction, sexual abuse, physician or mental abuse and i can be a shoulder for someone to cry on and i am so very blessed to have the opportunity to share the love of God to those who are hurting. I do care i do love them and i do know what it is to be so victimized and violated in the worse possible way, but i can also share with them the victory i now have. I am no longer the victim of abuse i look at myself now and i see someone who is more than a conquer and i know if God did it for me he can do it for everyone.

  8. BREE & EXUM SPEIGHT says:

    My fiancé, Exum Speight, for former pro=boxer was arrested last week for MURDER in a 1987 COLD CASE, lead by Detective Rick Jackson. Please DO THE RESEARCH to find WHY Exum isn’t guilty. He is alone in jail, in Los Angeles, NEED CRACK P.I.’s and others who KNOW why. Thanks & God bless US all…! BREE

  9. Yvonne Shamsan says:

    Welcome to my facebook group Children Be Safe and my facebook
    The targeting, the psychological-psychiatric-medical-Nazi-CIA-military abuse can be very sophisticated and prolong and look like a natural conditions… but be very abusive to the emotional state of the child, musician, artist, composer. It can come from the very sophisticated Nazi-military forces, who may put you in a prolong emotional trauma and mental crisis as the targeted individual, as an artist , and traumatize you for years when you work with music, arts , because these are their, sons of the hell, techniques. Get educated kids, welcome to CHILDREN BE SAFE.

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